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"Life Science" – An entire business is changing:

Too many projects prevent effective assignment of resources.

Date and Time:
19 June 2012 15:00 BST (London)

Presentation: 20 min, Q&A: 10min
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Details: With a need to be innovative whilst keeping an eye on the competition, life science oraganisations have to cope with different markets simultaneously. This needs to be done quickly, frequently and efficiently in responding to changes. Related concerns and tasks require accurate planning and implementation in order to maximise the opportunities such circumstances present. Often such efforts require global coordination in executing such a plan. What organisation has the ability to easily review the numerous complex projects internally and interdisciplinary?

If we then consider limited resources, not only is reviewing a concern but prioritisation brings an added complexity too. In fact, 500 concurrent projects or more is not a large number – even for smaller company units. With this in mind should we be surprised with the level of problems we encounter within our projects? Why do we see frustration grow for stakeholders, project managers and project members? Why are so many projects prolonged and postponed? Why do they often not get delivered on time?

In order to control the diversity of your resources and variety of your projects, more complex tools need to be considered. Without such, juggling your portfolio is simply beyond the capability of any individual. But most importantly, awareness must increase that quality and quantity of resources is always limited.

This Webex is about the lack of resources, it´s evolving necessity to reprioritise the existing portfolio and the capability to just „park" some projects.


  1. Conscious and critical scrutinising of individual project´s necessity
  2. Understanding of one´s own organisational strategy
  3. How can we improve prioritisation? Who needs to be involved?
  4. Recognising internal and external decisions to be made about projects

View a brief (2min 40 sec) introduction to our webcast and register to attend!"

Presenter: Michael Clauss, Kepner-Tregoe Consultant in Europe for the „Life Science" Industry, Michael will share his experience about organisational support while restructuring an existing project portfolio. Kepner-Tregoes systematic approach to identify needs and concerns and the prioritisation of it´s resulting projects, leads into a visualised portfolio that needs to be monitored and adjusted continuously based on changing conditions.

Who should attend: Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, and people interested in handling numerous projects, who define, plan, implement and monitor long-term activities on a nearly daily basis with limited resources and changing relations & conditions with other projects in even other departments.

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