Kepner-Tregoe (KT) has served the European coal industry for more than 25 years. Using KT tools and techniques, our clients have experienced step change improvements in the following areas.

  • Coal Transport System Reliability

 The application of KT’s Analytic Trouble Shooting approach with focused teams—production operators, control room staff, mechanical and electrical staff—have shown yields in production between 8-12%. KT’s approach provides staff with best practice for root cause analysis techniqes using diagnostics to optimize improvement efforts and systematic changes to delay analysis review and information reporting. 

  • Driveage Rate Improvement—Timely completion of developments is crucial to mining success

Through a detailed analysis of mine logistics and delays in driving activities, significant improvements have been reported in mine drivage rates. By implementing improved control and monitoring systems, a common language and a process for project management threats are averted, avoiding a negative impact on performance. This method consistently shows improvement of 15% in productivity, reducing the potential for face “gaps”.

  • Face to Face Transfer Management—Efficient movement of key physical assets in retreat mining from face to face

By using a common framework with mining, maintenance and operations staff to plan and conduct risk analysis on all tasks and transfer activities, historic barriers to success are avoided. Broader team engagement using a disciplined approach has shown large improvements in time and cost. By reducing the incidence rate of lost tonnage, performance improved for animal mine output and face commissioning times.