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Warum Ihre Lieferanten keine Probleme lösen!

Lieferantenprobleme kennen wir alle nur zu gut:

•             Das Material läuft nicht richtig auf der Maschine

•             Die Verpackungen sind deformiert

•             Das letzte Software-Upgrade muss (erneut) zurückgesetzt werden

Die Antwort der Lieferanten lautet meistens: „Wir haben unsere Komponenten überprüft und alles ist in Ordnung.“

Warum lassen sich einige Lieferanten oft so lange Zeit mit einer Antwort? Was verhindert eine effektive Zusammenarbeit bei der Lösung von Qualitätsproblemen?

26 Nov 2018
Focused Operational Improvement: "Unbundling" problems to unlock hidden opportunities.
Operational improvement projects may actually yield little accountable, measurable value if the projects are not selected based on their potential
2 Okt 2012
Too many projects prevent effective assignment of resources.
View Video Recording Description: Organisations and business units have to cope with different markets simultaneously, need to be innovative and
30 Aug 2012
Michael Clauss
Going for Gold: How Top Companies Make High Performance a Daily Discipline
View Video Recording Description: How do you prepare for tough choices in achieving operational excellence We typically think of high
22 Mai 2012
Managing Your Root Cause Investigations
Description: Implementing an effective and sustainable investigation process The Scenario: A batch of your most critical product is defectiverequiring re-work,
27 Apr 2012
Jamie Weiss
Managing Projects in the Cloud
Description: Projects are the way work gets done in the 21st century. The challenge is managing a large portfolio of
16 Mär 2012
Thinking Correctly Under Pressure II
Description: Due to a large response and many positive reviews we will continue to explore Thinking Correctly Under Pressure. This
15 Jun 2011
Stefan Brahmer and Andrew Vermes
CAPAs and Investigation Remediation. A fail safe approach to prepare for an agency audit.
Description: Kepner-Tregoe's Michael Curran-Hays and Michael Clauss will share their experiences in helping organizations review and improve the quality of
14 Jun 2011
Michael Clauss and Michael Curran-Hayes
Outpacing Manufacturing Competitors while on the Road to Recovery
Description: As the global economic recovery gains momentum, organizations are preparing to maintain, if not increase, the competitive advantage for
20 Apr 2011
Brian Schramke
Thinking Correctly Under Pressure
Description: Thinking Correctly Under Pressure (TCUP) continues to gain more and more attention in companies that are committed to the
1 Mär 2011
Stefan Brahmer and Shane Chapgar
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