Just because someone has acquired a new skill,doesn’t mean they are going to change behavior!


Quality x Adoption = Results!


While most change efforts start with training in new skills, training alone is normally not sufficient to ensure the change is successfully implemented. There are many factors other than training that strongly influence change, behavior and performance.

Kepner-Tregoe understands and can help you manage these factors to make sure that change actually happens.         

We provide capability development to improve the quality of Organizational Thinking when assessing situations, making decisions, solving problems, managing risk, or executing change.  And, we also facilitate the adoption of these Clear Thinking methodologies to truly optimize results. 

In this process, we use proven proprietary frameworks to assess your needs and develop and implement a plan that maximizes the ROI of your investment in capability development.

This plan might include:

  • Triggers and Process Alignment – defining when a certain capability is required and how it integrates within your current work flow
  • Performance System – aligning goals, consequences and feedback with the new behaviors
  • Coaching – reinforcing the concepts on the job in order to become proficient
  • Leadership – defining how leadership will role model and support the new skills
  • Cultural Norms – understanding which aspects of culture support the change and which ones will make the desired change more challenging
  • Measurement – tracking “the change” and its impact on core metrics
  • Knowledge Creation – planning how to systematically document, store, and share the information in order to become a “learning organization”

Successful change occurs when it’s commonly known: “This is how we do business around here!”  

Kepner-Tregoe knows what it takes to make it happen. Contact us to learn more.